The Key Person Approach

We operate a system recommended by the Pre-school Learning Alliance whereby every family is allocated a member of staff as their Key Person.  The Early Years Foundation Stage recognises the importance of emotional attachments for young children, particularly when away from their parents.  Through this approach we aim for each child to be given the opportunity to form a strong relationship with a ‘Key Person’ who will help them settle and offer security through a friendly and familiar face.  We also hope you will get to know your Key Person and share family values and expectations with them.  They will also discuss your child’s progress and share his/her play plans, records and observations with you.  Similarly, if you have any concerns or requests, your child’s Key Person is the person to contact.  Your input is welcomed and valued in assisting the Key Person in observing your child and meeting their individual learning and emotional needs. 

Learning through play

Children are born ready, able and eager to learn. They actively reach out to interact with other people, and the world around them. It is this interaction that we seek to build on with you and your child as they take their first steps on the journey to learning. At Charlton Acorns we know that each child is unique and we endeavor to tap into this uniqueness and build this into positive experiences and relationships as your child takes part in activities and interactions at Pre-School. Tapestry Online Learning Journeys are how we share your child's time with us and we also welcome your comments from home. On joining the Pre-School you will be given details on how to log in and join Tapestry.

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