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You can place your child on our waiting list by submitting the application to join form.  Please either collect a form from preschool or download the form using the link shown on this page. 

Nursery Education Funding

Children are usually eligible for the funding in the term after they turn 3 years old.

Our admissions policy lays out our procedure for administering places at Charlton Acorns, located on the left of this page.

Session Charges - Will be reviewed annually for adjustment in September.

£5.00 Breakfast Club 7.45am - 8.45/9am

£14.85 per 3 hour session - 9am till 12pm or 12pm till 3pm

£19.80 per 4 hour session - 9am till 1pm

£29.70 per 6 hour session - 9am till 3pm

25p voluntary snack donation per 3 hour session

Settling-in Procedures - We work hard to ensure that the transition from home to pre-school is as smooth and worry free as possible for both you and your child.  In order to achieve this there are a number of things which we have put in place and we hope that you will take advantage of these one you have registered your child to help you all to settle and become used to the setting and routines.


Children who meet their Key Person at home, in a safe and familiar place find it much easier to settle once they begin at Pre-school.  We therefore aim to offer a home visit to all our new families.


Children are invited with their parents/carers to their initial session where they can play knowing someone ‘safe’ is nearby.  This enables families to get to know the staff, children and setting before that first step of staying alone.  However, this is flexible to the needs of the children and families, some children need more time to settle and this can be discussed on an individual basis.


Drop off and collection 
Please note that cars are not allowed on site at any time.  Please park with consideration outside the school grounds or consider coming to preschool by alternative means; there are bicycle and scooter racks outside school which preschool families can use.
Transition Programme

We have close links with Charlton Primary School and offer a long transition programme so that children who go on to attend this school become familiar with the surroundings, teachers and the way things are done there.  For those children who move to other schools, this transition programme does give them experience of a school setting and hopefully makes them more comfortable with the more formal learning environment. Attendance at Charlton Acorns does not guarantee a place at Charlton Primary School, this is decided centrally at Oxfordshire County Council.

The transition programme is run in partnership with the Foundation unit at Charlton Primary School.  

We have a 'What to bring guide' on this page which you can print off and keep.