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Charlton Village Road


OX12 7HG

Tel:- 01235 224088


OFSTED Registration no. EY133720

Registered Charity No. 1016821


Charlton Acorns is an independent preschool situated in the grounds of Charlton Primary School.  We take children from the age of 2 years 10 months until they are of school age.  We work hard to ensure that we consistently give care of the highest standard and that we meet children's individual needs and promote their welfare.

We have our own building and our own secure outdoor play area.  We also benefit from being able to use Charlton Primary School's grounds including the playground, the sound garden and the nature reserve.  Older children are able to make regular visits to the school so that the transition is made easier when they move on to 'big' school.  We must point out, however, that attending Charlton Acorns does not entitle your child to a place at the school.

Charlton Acorns Pre-school provides a relaxed and friendly setting in which young children can play and learn.  It is widely recognised that children learn best when they feel happy, secure and are suitably challenged and we aim to provide this through a play-based curriculum with both child and adult-initiated activities and exploration.  We provide an environment where children can learn through their play and while we offer adult-led activities and group time the focus is still on play and discovery as the children can learn at their own pace.  Within our practice we regularly observe each child and note their achievements and current interests.  This information is used to guide us when planning future activities to ensure that each child has the opportunity to experience a variety of areas aimed at their individual level and further their holistic development.  Children are not made to take part in any activity they do not want to do, but gentle encouragement may be given to help each child to diversify and try new things.

The Pre-School is run by a Committee of elected parents/carers.


Charlton Acorns prechool is registered with the local Early Years Development, the Preschool Learning Alliance and qualifies for local education grants for our children.

We are monitored by Ofsted and we were last inspected 16 September 2009.  A copy of the report can be viewed from the Ofsted website using our unique reference number 133720.

Our Ofsted report gave us a 'good' judgement and the officers were very complimentary about how the preschool is run, stating "All children are warmly welcomed and equally valued.  There is a clear recognition of the uniqueness of each child and the adults are strongly committed to ensuring all children's needs are met.  Good levels of supervision ensure children have equal access to the learning provided for them, make consistently good progress and achieve well."

Other comments include:

"Children make good progress and achieve well because they enjoy learning and happily join in the good range of practical experiences and activities that capture their interest and attention."

"There is a good balance between the activities organised by the adults and opportunities for children to make their own choices."

"The adults are keeping detailed notes of pupil' activities...these are used well to plan the next stanges of learning and to accurately judge the children's progress in meeting them."

"Children contribute well to the environment for learning through their enthusiasm, cheerfulness and readiness to make friends.  They make good progress...consequently they are well prepared for the next steps in the learning and for their future economic well being."